Thoughts create reality. This is not pointless spiritual babble but a simple and solid universal truth. Why is it that most people do not recognise the potential of this truth and what it can do to transform their lifes?

I could go into the quantum physics of things if you were interested, which you probably are not. But everyone would agree that if you take a look around you everything in your life is thought up by humans: the cup you sip your coffee from? Designed by a person who had an idea for a design. The building you work in? Sprouted from the creative mind of the architect. The food you eat? Someone came up with the recipe. The Netflix series you watch? Written by a human being. The clothes you wear? A designer with a spark of inspiration sketched the design. So everything you see around you, everything you use, smell, eat or see in your life was once inspired by someone having an idea.

Then; why would it not the same with our society, the world we live in, hence our reality? If you think about it: the cities we live in, the economy we participate in, the systems we use: banking, governments, schooling. Even the wars we fight and the borders of our very countries: all made up by humans, be it centuries ago or just last year.

Interesting, you might say, but what does it have to do with me? I dare say everything. Imagine this: if everything around you is manmade, created by US, than we as humans have the power to CHANGE everything as well. For the better even. Think of the possibilities!

Does it make sense to you now that we, humans create our own reality? And doesn’t this inspire you to make a hell of a job out of it to change the world to become a better place? Just because we can? One step at a time? In case you wonder how you alone can change the reality of this world of billions, try to think of what the Dalai Lama said: ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito’. And of course Gandhi: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. These words have a different power now, right? Now that you are aware of this?

So no more excuses for you. Get your ass out and do what you can. Do what you feel you must do. Do some soul searching to find out what it is you came here to do. Whether it is changing the food industry through giving your vote by what you buy, deciding not to watch crap on the television anymore, addressing your superior (what’s in a name…?!) that you do not think his or her behaviour supportive of your talents, quitting that corporate job altogether and finally start doing what you love or spreading kindness within society by starting to smile at strangers and helping that old lady across the street. Stop thinking self-limiting thoughts and start embracing your greatness. Today.

I try to help companies become more healthy, happy and connected because I want to be part of this incredible movement to create a better world. I am not a consultant, I am not a coach or trainer, nor am I a business guru. So call me an idealist, game changer, flip thinker or a fool, but this is what I feel I need to do. Because I see a world that needs a different approach to thrive. And since many people work in companies I feel that through working, thinking and doing differently at work a new world can be -and in fact already is- emerging.

Remember one small drop can start a ripple that gains momentum and builds a current that is insurmountable. What reality do you want to create? Join the movement.

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